Accessibility Guide

Accessibility Guide for The Japanese Garden at Cowden



The Japanese Garden at Cowden is centrally located in Clackmannanshire; located on Upper Hillfoots Road between Muckhart and Dollar, the garden can be accessed off the A91, half a mile west of Muckhart.

Our pathways have been updated to offer a more accessible visit for wheelchair users. Please be aware that areas of our Woodland Walk can become inaccessible for wheelchairs in certain weather.

Please get in touch if you require any further information about specific access or need advice on planning your visit.


At a Glance

Level Access

- There is level access from the main entrance to:

  • Tearoom
  • The Japanese Garden
  • The Christie Walk

    - There is level access from the car park to:

      • The picnic area
      • Woodland Walk


      • The walls and the doors have high colour contrast.
      • The menu is in large print.


      • We have a complimentary ticket policy for visitors with disabilities. 
      • We have a concessionary rate for carers.
      • We have 1 accessible toilet.

      Getting here

      The Japanese Garden at Cowden
      Upper Hillfoot Rd
      FK14 7PL

      Travel by public transport

      • You can get to The Japanese Garden by bus but a walk in included.
      • The nearest bus stop is Cowden Farm Road End. The bus stop is 1.9miles / 3.1km from The Japanese Garden.
      • The walk from the nearest bus stop takes approximately 40 minutes, and is mostly uphill.

      Travel by taxi

      • You can get a taxi with S B Taxis by calling 01259 215444. The taxi company has a wheelchair accessible vehicle.


      • We have a carpark on-site. There are accessible parking spaces less than 50 metres from the main entrance. Parking is free.
      • There is a drop-off point at the main entrance. 


      Path to main entrance

      • From the carpark to the main entrance, there is a level but sloped path.
      • The path is 200cm wide, or more.
      • The surface of the path from the carpark to the main entrance is loose gravel.

      Main entrance

      • The main entrance has level access.
      • The door is 80cm wide.
      • The main door is side hung and manual. We have a bell to call for assistance.
      • There is a very small bump at the entrance; most wheelchair users can get over it easily, and staff are always on hand to assist if necessary. 



      Path from the carpark to the main entrance


      Getting around inside

      Visual Impairment - General Information

      • We have high colour contrast between walls and doorframes.
      • All pathways are kept clear.

      Ticket/Information desk

      • Our ticket desk is easily accessible from the main entrance.

      Accessible Toilet

      • There is 1 accessible toilet which is inside our main building.
      • From the main entrance to the accessible toilet, there is level access. The toilet door is 80cm wide.
      • The toilet has handrails and an Emergency Alarm pull cord.

      Place to Eat and Drink

      The Tearoom

      • There is level access throughout.
      • The menu is offered in large print.
      • The route through the dining area is 80cm wide, or more.
      • There is background music played in the tearoom.
      • The tables and plates have high colour contrast.
      • We cater for vegetarian, gluten free (coeliac), lactose free (dairy free) and vegan specific diets.
      • We can cater for all dietary requirements with advance notice.



      Getting around outside

      The Japanese Garden

      • From the main entrance to the gardens, there is level access.
      • The route is sloped. The route is 200cm wide, or more.
      • The surface of the paths to the garden and around the garden are loose gravel, and slope upwards at various points; while people using motorised scooters rarely have an issue, most people in manual wheelchairs may need assistance.
      • There is also a "zig-zag bridge", which is very narrow (65cm) and has no side rails. Therefore this is not suitable for crossing by most people who require mobility assistance.
      • The narrowest paths in the garden are 80cm wide, but most are at least 120cm.
      • There are other wooden bridges in the garden which many wheelchair users can manage with some assistance; the narrowest of these is 75cm.

        Welcome gate


        Wooden bridge


        Zig-zag bridge


        Wooden bridge


        Viewing point with step


        The Woodland Walk

        • Some of the trails have a loose surface. There are some small wooden bridges which are quite narrow (120cm). The trail is sloped.
        • At its narrowest point, excluding bridges, the trail is 140cm wide.


        Christie Walk

        • Some of the trail has a loose surface. There is a small wooden bridge which is 90cm wide. The trail is sloped.

        Christie bridge


        The slope going up the Christie Walk


        Lime Tree Avenue Walk

        • There is a small wooden bridge (100cm wide), but there is an alternate route that does not involve crossing this.
        • Most of the trail has a grassy surface, which may be difficult to move on in a wheelchair when wet.

        Lime Tree Avenue Walk


        Lime Tree Avenue Walk Bridge


        Picnic Area

        • From the car park to the picnic area, there is level access. You can bring your own food to the picnic area.
        • The picnic area is in a grassy area which may be difficult to access when wet.


        Customer care support

        Emergency evacuation procedures

        • We have emergency evacuation procedures for our visitors with disabilities.



          Guide last updated: 18/12/2021